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Resources for a successful recruitment process

This Toolkit is designed to help you make your hiring process the best it can be. Our advice will help you to ensure that your new employees feel welcomed and prepared, and can improve staff retention. You can browse our resources below, or contact us if you have any additional queries or needs.


How should we be interviewing data engineers? We spoke to tech leaders to find out their advice for efficiently interviewing data engineers to make sure that you hire the best.
Speakers Tomas Minarik – Lead Product Designer at Kindred Group PLC Magnus Dahlhjelm – Head of User Experience at DeLavalFrida Norfors – Head of Design at ARCJens Wedin – Design & Leadership Coach at SeventyOne Consulting
Whether you’re a video interviewing pro or not, this guide will have something for you. We break down the types of video interviews, best practice, platforms to use and much more.
As more professionals settle into a new routine of working from home – including hiring managers – remote job interviews are becoming even more common than before. Not only do video interviews provide a feasible alternative when you are unable to meet face to face but they are […]
Onboarding programmes are an extremely valuable part of your business’ human resource strategy. As well as boosting staff retention, they also help to make sure that your employees are productive and able to share their talents with the business as quickly as possible.   When you are bringing more […]
When you have gone through the process of attracting, interviewing and selecting the very best talent for your business, it is important to follow this up with a well-thought-out onboarding process to give them the best possible experience and ensure that they hit the ground running.   A successful […]
Successfully integrating a new employee into a business is a vital part of ensuring that they will become a happy, productive member of the team. COVID-19 has brought huge changes to the process of onboarding new employees.  We spoke to tech leaders across Europe to understand […]
Building a Remote Onboarding Process
For many, onboarding is one of the most important parts of the employee experience and has direct ties to whether talent decides to commit to a position long term.  In fact, the lack of effective onboarding is a major reason why companies lose 17% of their new hires within […]
We all know that there are many benefits to having a diverse workforce – from increased productivity and better cultural awareness to more creativity – but there are some serious challenges facing diversity in the tech industry. Not only are some tech companies struggling to attract […]
As remote working becomes more embedded into company practices, many of the initial struggles – such as productivity measuring and communication – have been ironed out. However, one that remains is the question of culture. With fewer off-the-cuff chats, after-work socials and shared birthday cakes, how can a healthy work culture […]
When working from home, one of the main concerns that managers have is the potential loss of collaboration. With the off-the-cuff and spontaneous idea exchanges that occur frequently in the office all but gone, how can collaboration still take place in an effective way?  While it’s true that communication has to be different when […]
Speakers Jan Tyggvason– Head of Product @ Paynova Mattias Ostblom– Technical Team Lead @ Storytel David Morgenstern– Head of People & Culture @ Curbflood Ehab Khaireldin– Team Lead @ PostNord
Speakers ✴ Christian Gulliksson- Agile development manager Kambi✴ Hans Sandström Sandstrom- Engineering manager Oneflow✴ Riku Vuorenmaa – Director of Engineering Fishbrain
Mentorship is extremely valuable across all sectors. A good mentor provides the opportunity to learn from others, become more empowered to make decisions, develop communication skills and much more. Although employees can seek mentors outside your business, having an internal mentorship programme is very useful.   Where to Start  […]
Within the technology field, there are many different career paths available, but arguably none as increasingly popular and sought-after as app development.  App Developers work with a wide range of mobile technologies, and are at the forefront of innovation, developing products that immediately affect and improve our lives. The sheer […]
✳ Alessio Maffeis – Engineering Manager – Happy Socks AB✳ Kristian Hellquist – Line Manager – Mentimeter✳ Matti Klasson – Head of Engineering Management – Nordic Entertainment Group✳ Håkan Sandström – Manager Digital Sales – AB Trav och Galopp We will cover some great topics and […]
Speakers Lucas Khan – CISO @ Sinch Dimitrios Stergiou – CISO @ Trustly Georgios Kryparos – Head of Security @ Tink Erkan Kahraman – Senior Advisor – Security, Risk and Compliance @ AWS
If you are planning to engage contractors who are not Swedish citizens, there are several things that you will need to check in order to ensure that they are working for you compliantly and legally.  Work Permits  Work permit requirements depend on whether the contractor is an EU citizen or […]
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018, replacing the previous 1995 data protection directive. This EU regulation covers privacy and security of data, and it is vital to ensure that your business is compliant with GDPR when it hires freelancers or other employees.  GDPR […]
In order to work legally as a freelance consultant in Sweden, it is necessary to be registered as either an enskild näringsidkar (sole trader) or set up a limited company. When you employ freelance consultants, it is important to check their status beforehand.  Enskild Näringsidkar (Sole Trader)  In order to work as an enskild näringsidkare in […]

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